Monday, January 12, 2015

Life, Goals and Focus

12 January 2014
2014 has been quite a roller coaster for me.
And I realized that I haven't written in my blog for so long.

Last time I had a personal coach, and she made me realize how important writing is.
Yes, writing helps you reflect on your life, think and be creative.

So, as part of my 2015, I am targeting to write again.
InshaAllah, I will write, for the benefit of myself and for others.

Today's entry will be about goals.

It's 12th January today.
It has been the 12th day of the new year.
It will be two days before my birthday- another new year for myself.
So the timing is just right for me to write about GOALS.

For many, writing goals for each new year is a norm,
for some, it is like an alien.

Why is it important?

For a Muslim, writing down your goal is like submitting a du'a to Allah.
Writing a goal is like reflecting and having a purpose to your life.

Can't I leave everything to fate?
Let Him decide what He wants to do with my life...

Ooops! That's the not the attitude of a muslim.
A muslim plans, work for the plan and leave the result to Allah.
If it is good- it is good for us.
If it is bad- it is also good for us.
Trust Him on the results- your part is to work on it.

How do I do it?

Up to you.
Some people prefer to write.
Some people prefer to draw.
For me, and my suggestion for you is A COLLAGE.

You can cut and paste pictures form the magazines.
Or you can create your collage using Ms PowerPoint.

A collage is powerful because you can see the image everyday and it will be planted in your subconscious mind- make sure you paste your Vision Board where you can see it everyday- bedroom door/mirror etc.

However, make sure the goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time specific.
I almost attained 8 of the 12 goals I visualized above.
And 4 is achieved fully.

I would say the improvement I should do is to have a SMARTer GOAL.
Besides, I was not focused enough on each goal.
Talking about short attention span....

Let's make it practical

For instance, let's take the 60kg goal I put up there.

Yup, a non specific goal would be to lose weight.

Yup, there is a figure there.

Yes- providing I work on it.

 A-ha. If it is non-realistic such as getting to 50kg (for my personal case),
it would have been demotivating instead.

Hmm... That's the problem.
I didn't put a specific time.
So In the end, I lost some weight, but I didn't achieve my target.

What would I do to make it better?

Since I am becoming 24 years old soon, and I haven't written my goals yet,
here are some things I would do to revise my goals for 2015.
  1.  Follow the SMART rules
  2. Set less goals- to ensure FOCUS
  3. Set goals that really matters- that I deeply want to achieve
  4. Break each goal into smaller time frame/milestones.
  5. Be disciplined and reward self for each goal achieved.
OK, that's all folks!
I will update my Vision Board soon- InshaAllah by 14th January.
Finally, make du'a always that your goal (wish) is made easy by Allah.

Du'a - Strive - Tawakkal.

Love you folks!
Share your own 2015 goals in the comments.
We'll make du'a for you together.

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